The president of Malawi Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera relieved eight ministers of their duties in his first cabinet rearrangement of 2023, an effort to fight against corruption in the country.


Following allegations of corruption against ministers, Chakwera dismissed his entire cabinet last year and currently has reduced the number of ministerial posts from 30 to 25 which includes deputy ministers.


The president also removed ministerial portfolios for himself and deputy Saulos Chilima.


According to the statement from the office of the President and cabinet, the appointments of those who replaced the eight ministers were effected from 31st January 2023.


While giving his New Year’s Day speech, the president vowed that he would name a new cabinet focused on maximizing the country’s limited resources to improve service delivery. 


He wondered why a country with a developing economy should maintain a 30-member cabinet consisting of the president, vice president, 20 ministers, and eight deputies.


On this, he made his promises and made a shocking move by appointing a deputy minister from the opposition party led by his forerunner Peter Mutharika.


Many commended the president for his decision to reduce the cabinet, as the Director for Human Rights and Rehabilitation, Michael Kaiyatsa said the president needs to continue implementing strict measures to preserve resources.


Kaiyatsa moved a motion for the “reduction in travel by the president, ministers, and other government officials, as well as a reduction of benefits for Cabinet ministers”.


This makes Malawi’s cabinet one of the smallest in Africa.

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