The Dinka people of Southern Sudan that inhabit the Swamplands of the Bahr el Ghazal region of the Nile Basin, Jonglei and parts of Southern Kordujan and upper Nile regions have a very unique and interesting marriage culture. Their women are famously beautiful and highly valued.

Marriage is seen as the merging of two families which broadens and strengthens the community. The women often marry from the community. Since it’s seen as families coming together and not just coming together of the man and wife, the parents must be in agreement.

The dowry ranges from 50-500 cows. After the marriage the wife will not do anything for four years this includes the cooking, cleaning or any other domestic work. This period is called the Anyuuc which translates to generous welcoming. She uses this time to relax and learn the husband’s home values.

The sisters of the groom perform the domestic chores in the house and take care of the wife.

After the four years elapses, the man throws a very big party called the Thaat. It’s the festival that initiated the wife into cooking. 3 goats and 5 cows are slaughtered.

If the husband misbehaves during this four years, the woman is allowed to leave without repaying the dowry.

Marriage solidifies lifelong merging of two families that is why divorce is a rare occurrence.

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