Morocco Introduces First Locally Produced Car Brand.


Morocco has been committed to fostering national innovation and sustainable development. Their effort towards this development was made obvious as King Mohammed VI presided over the presentation ceremony of the country’s first car manufacturer and a hydrogen-powered vehicle prototype.

The unveiling of New Motors’ Moroccan-made car and NamX’s HUV (Hydrogen Utility Vehicle) prototype not only strengthens Morocco’s position as a competitive platform for car production but also underscores the King’s dedication to supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and promoting renewable energies, particularly in the green hydrogen sector.

New Motors, a Moroccan capital-based company, has established an industrial unit in Ain Aouda, in the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region, to produce cars for both the domestic and export markets. With an anticipated annual production capacity of 27,000 units and a local integration rate of 65 percent, the project aims to drive economic growth and job creation. 

The total investment in this endeavor is expected to reach 156 million dirhams (approximately $15.6 million), with the potential to generate 580 job opportunities.

In February 2023, the National Agency for Road Safety granted final approval for the first vehicle produced by New Motors, marking a significant milestone. 

The company has since initiated the production chain and plans to inaugurate the industrial unit in June, commencing the marketing process. 

This momentous project, which introduces the first Moroccan car brand to the public, exemplifies the nation’s commitment to nurturing local talent and expertise, particularly in the development of a comprehensive vehicle assembly system.

NamX, in partnership with the renowned Italian design bureau Pininfarina for bodywork and with the contribution of Moroccan talent for interior design, has created a hydrogen vehicle prototype known as the HUV. The vehicle’s hydrogen supply will be facilitated through a central tank reinforced with six removable capsules, enabling substantial battery capacity and facilitating quick hydrogen refueling in just a few minutes.

This groundbreaking project positions Morocco at the forefront of the global movement toward developing efficient and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation.

As a recognition of their intellectual competence and pioneering contributions, King Mohammed VI awarded Nasim Belkhayat, the founder and managing director of New Motors, and Fawzi Najah, the founder and managing director of NamX, with the Medal of Intellectual Competence. 

Their visionary leadership and dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation in Morocco have not gone unnoticed.

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