Mozambican Government to Invest $100m for Rail Electrification.


The prototype rail electrification project in Mozambique will span 88 kilometers from Maputo city to the South African border at Ressano Garcia, requiring the government to invest roughly $100 million.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday in Maputo following a meeting with the Dutch ambassador, Elsbeth Akkerman, Transport Minister Mateus Magala stated that, in the context of the energy transition, it is widely agreed upon that clean, green energies are the most promising for the future, as they will ensure the welfare of future generations.

In an effort to promote the use of sustainable energy, the ambassador used this occasion to demonstrate her first electric car and its solar-powered charging system.

“We have a master plan that talks about how we should improve our mobility, the big challenge is the limited resources we have in terms of funding. Mass transport is the way to improve people’s mobility, Magala said.

Magala claims that one solution the government has discovered is to establish demonstration projects, one of which is promoting the use of railroads.

The ambassador, for her part, stated that a variety of man-made pressures are exerted on the earth, with climate change being the primary cause of these phenomena.

“It’s wonderful that the United Nations climate summit convenes annually to examine climate change on a global scale. Mozambique plans to establish itself as a prominent location for investments in renewable energy infrastructure and green industrialization, she said, having presented its Energy Transition Strategy at the COP 28 in Dubai.

In the Netherlands, the process of electrifying automobiles is presently underway, and by 2030, there will be 1.9 million completely electric passenger cars on the road that can be refueled at the same number of charging stations.


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