Mwila is an ethnic group that is part of Nyaneka which is a larger ethnic group living in southern Angola. They settled in the area of Huila during the 17th century because of the drought that made them abandon their lands in the country of Quilengues.

This tribe rarely eat meat, they only kill their cattles on special occasions.

The women of this ethnic group take great pride in their hairs and it could be used to pass a message. For instance, when a woman has just three dreads, it means there are dead people in the family. The usual number is 4-6.

They coat their hairs with a red paste called Oncula. Oncula is made with crushed red stone, mixture of oil, crushed tree bark, dried cow dungs and herbs. Their plaits like dread are called Nontombi.

The beautiful decorations are done with beads, cauri shells either real or plastic and dried foods. In this ethnic group, a shaved forehead is considered a sign of beauty.

These hairstyles are protected with a headrest. Hair means a lot to the women of this ethnic group.

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