The government of Namibia has issued a ban on driving second-hand in transit vehicles through the country as such vehicles will now only be conveyed on a car carrier trailer.


According to the statement released, the ban is expected to take effect on the 1st of March 2023.


The statement revealed that there have been several Zimbabweans using the Walvis Bay port to receive vehicles from outside the country, then it is transported through Namibia. 


The Namibian Revenue Authority (NamRA) in its statement said that such comfort will no longer be in place as of next month.


According to the notice by NamRA, “the Namibina Revenue Authority herewith informs vehicle importers and the public that with effect from March 1, 2023, second-hand motor vehicles will be allowed to transit through Namibia only on a car carrier trailer and no second-hand motor vehicle through Namibia will be allowed to transit on its own wheels”.


The reform is as a results of “observed deviation of imported vehicles that are dubiously declared as in transit but later on seen in the local market and subsequently registered on the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) database without payment of importation levy”.

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