New Dance Competition to Debut in Rwanda.


On January 29, the ‘Byina Rwanda‘ dance competition was introduced with the goals of spotting talent, honing skills, promoting dance, and providing young people with opportunities to explore their creativity and find employment in the creative industries.

With the themes “Move,” “Groove,” and “Prove,” RG-Consult Inc. is a creative business consulting that improves brands and event planners in Rwanda.

Remmy Lubega, the Chief Executive Officer of RG, states that there are three main categories for the dances: the Traditional Cultural Dance Category, which includes all eight of Rwanda’s traditional cultural dances and can be performed by individuals, couples, or groups.

Modern, classic, and urban dances are combined with Afro-traditional dance forms to create the Contemporary Creative Dance Category. While the Urban and Modern Dance Category is a composition that will showcase dance forms including Breakdance, Afrobeat, Rumba, Kizomba, and Ballroom dances – Latino, Lambada, Chachacha, Zouk, and ballet, it can also be performed in solo, duet, trio, or group settings.

“The talent is here and Africa is full of them but we don’t have a vision on how to monetize it, promote and create jobs,” Lubega stated.

He went on, “Dance can generate a huge amount of jobs for fashionistas, choreographers, makeup artists, producers, and costumes, but more importantly, the film industry needs it. You don’t attend wedding ceremonies or cultural troupes, thus dancing is a fundamental aspect of society. As a result, developing and fostering it ought to be the top priority, supporting the industry and changing the lives of the youth by highlighting their abilities.”

Guidelines for Participation

According to Lubega, a date will be set for participants, who must be at least 18 years old, to upload a 90-second video clip displaying their abilities. Participants must complete an online admission form, providing their qualifications and the province from which they will be auditioned.

The submitted entries will go through an academy-led pre-selection process, and those who make the cut will be invited to appear online on the day of the audition at the province.

The top three candidates from each province will be invited to a boot camp, resulting in a total of 15 finalists. They will get mentoring, training, and expertise in a variety of entrepreneurship-related fields while they are there.

The finalists will compete for various awards in a grand finale event held in Kigali City, where they will be judged by a jury of professional dancers and the public.

“The top participants in each category will receive a category cash prize of Rwf5 million each. The overall winner will be awarded a package, which includes a fully furnished dance studio in a premium location rent-free for a year, valued at Rwf10 million. Additionally, the winner will receive a monthly allowance of Rwf500,000, totaling Rwf6 million for one year, in addition to the dance studio.”

Video vixen and choreographer Nadia Bianca Uwase remarked that this is an excellent opportunity since it would allow dancers to show off their skills and will benefit the dance industry in Rwanda.

“We’ve been waiting impatiently for recognition for the advancement of the dance industry, and it’s at last here,” she declared. We hope it will become more respected and valued as dancers.”

She said: “Dance has long been disregarded and underestimated while being a priceless art form utilized in a variety of settings. I am excited to take part; this is a chance that I wouldn’t pass up.”

Similar thoughts were expressed by Saidath Uwase, also known as “Saddie Vybez,” who stated that she is most thrilled about people’s performances and how they would display their abilities.

“I choreograph, perform, and am an artist. I adore the arts in all their forms, therefore I’m excited to see what will be produced because this is a fantastic chance for all Rwandan dancers,” the woman remarked.


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