Nigeria: Nollywood Actress Chizzy Alichi Emerges Victorious in Boxing Match Against Laide Bakare.



Taking inspiration from Portable and Charles Okocha, Nollywood’s Chizzy Alichi and Laide Bakare resolved their differences in a boxing match.


In a sequence of videos circulating on social media on February 25, 2024, actresses Chizzy Alichi and Laide Bakare engaged in a celebrity boxing match. Alichi occupied the red corner, and Bakare took the blue corner. The footage captured the actresses exchanging punches in the ring. Ultimately, Alichi emerged as the winner. She celebrated her victory on Instagram, sharing the triumphant moment with her followers. The event marked a noteworthy spectacle, showcasing the actresses’ resolve to settle their differences through a physical encounter, adding a unique twist to celebrity interactions and garnering attention across social media platforms.


Graciously holding her trophy, Chizzy Alichi expressed gratitude to the organizers and spectators of the match. She playfully conveyed appreciation to Laide Bakare, humorously alluding to an anticipated bottle of champagne, adding a lighthearted touch to the post-match acknowledgments.


Celebrating her victory, Chizzy Alichi shared a triumphant caption on social media, expressing gratitude to attendees, colleagues, and event organizers. She commended the show’s execution and emphasized the enjoyable experience. Alichi extended love to co-participant Laide Bakare, adding a playful note about awaiting the promised champagne. The post captured the joyous aftermath of the intense match, showcasing friendship amid competition. Alichi’s acknowledgment reflected appreciation for the collaborative effort in organizing the event, reinforcing the positive atmosphere and shared enjoyment among participants, colleagues, and supporters who contributed to the success of the memorable evening.


In a delightful exchange following their celebrity boxing match, Chizzy Alichi and Laide Bakare showcased a blend of teamwork and playful banter on social media. Alichi’s gratitude-filled post, celebrating the victory and acknowledging the organizers, garnered a warm response from Bakare. In good humor, Bakare thanked Alichi for making the fight enjoyable and cheekily mentioned feeling the urge to continue the battles. The playful exchange continued with Bakare’s promise to send the awaited champagne and an invitation for Alichi to visit. However, adding a humorous twist, Bakare claimed victory on her post and declared plans for a victory party. The back-and-forth banter highlighted the friendly competition and shared joy between the actresses, creating a lively and entertaining aftermath to their unique celebrity showdown.


Announcing her victory, Laide Bakare joyfully proclaimed herself the “Honorable Champion” and revealed plans for a celebratory party in Lekki on Sunday, March 3rd, 2024. Inviting everyone to join the festivities, her post exuded enthusiasm as she embraced the title and prepared to mark the triumph in a lively gathering.

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