Nigeria Skitmaker Layi Rises to Become One of Instagram’s Funniest.



Over the last few years, Layi Wasabi has emerged as one of Instagram’s most humorous individuals.

His style of content, portraying sarcastic depictions of various con artists such as the corrupt alajo, lawyer, and police, has resonated widely in the era of meme culture.

This year, Layi Wasabi is receiving well-deserved recognition. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has honored him as a prominent figure in its “Creators of Tomorrow” campaign.

“I am incredibly grateful and thrilled to be acknowledged as one of the Creators of Tomorrow, alongside other highly creative individuals in my field,” he shared with Pulse Nigeria during a recent interview regarding his involvement in the campaign. “This opportunity is something I deeply appreciate,” he emphasized.

Layi has been producing content across various platforms for many years, but it was on Instagram where he initially gained fame. “Instagram was a game-changer for me as it significantly accelerated my growth as a content creator,” he explained. “I quickly discovered a vibrant and active community on the platform, which motivated me to consistently produce more content. As a result, I attracted a larger audience, who have now become part of my expanding community,” he elaborated.

The platform’s algorithm has proven to be invaluable for Layi. His videos typically receive around a million views and occasionally reach up to five million views. For example, a recent Reel portraying him as a cunning police officer who exploits the Super Eagles’ disappointment at this year’s Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) garnered over five million views.

“The algorithm consistently ensures that my content reaches the right audience, enabling me to create engaging content tailored to them,” Layi remarked.

From his journey to the top of the Nigerian Instagram scene, Layi has learned valuable lessons. He emphasizes the importance of consistency both in one’s brand and in the quality of one’s work. “In the creative realm, building a successful brand necessitates unwavering consistency in your output and adherence to your brand identity,” he stressed.

Additionally, Layi offers advice to aspiring content creators, suggesting that they identify a niche they are comfortable with. “Discover your niche and fully embrace it. This entails identifying what makes you unique as a creator and differentiates you from others. Strive to become proficient and an authority in that particular area,” he advised.

Regarding the future of Layi Wasabi, both as a brand and a personality, he expressed his commitment to maintaining consistency in content creation, exploring new avenues as a creative, and adapting to changes over time.

Additionally, he mentioned collaborating with numerous other creators within the space, with plans to share collaborative content in the coming days. “I’ve had the opportunity to engage with many inspiring creators on the platform. I’ve collaborated with several of them, and I intend to continue and expand these collaborations,” he shared.


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