Nigerian Skit Maker Wows America’s Got Talent Judges.


The judges of America Got Talent (AGT) were thrilled with the appearance and performance of Nigerian popular comedy skit maker Josh Alfred, aka Josh2funny. Josh Alfred who is famous for his skit on YouTube “Audition” has become the first Nigerian skit maker to appear as a contestant on the AGT reality talent show. 

His artistry was spotted by the talent department of NBC’s AGT and he got invited to the show on August 8. The organizers confirmed his audition performance on their official Twitter page and posted a video clip of his hilarious performance and captioned it, “Josh Alfred is not giving up! This contestant won’t give up! Josh Alfred auditions three times”. 

After an interesting start in the video, he performed a funny act that the judges initially misunderstood and missed the point of. During his performance, Josh2funny made three appearances as the best rapper, best magician, and fastest reader.

The comedian’s performance at the renowned talent competition, however, continues to draw both criticism and admiration. While some praised his plan, others chastised him, claiming that he could have seized the occasion far more effectively.

One of those who admired the courage and confidence of the comedian is Mr. Macaroni, also a skit maker. In response to some people’s criticism of Josh and his antics during the talent show, he voiced his viewpoint through his Twitter, as he said; 

“It is absolutely ridiculous that some people on here are attempting to rubbish the efforts of an incredibly talented young man who has set global trends time and time again and was invited by a global platform that recognizes the value of entertainment that his brand offers. 

Please tell me you people actually do know that he was intentionally invited on that stage by the organizers to thrill the audience far and wide because of his immense talents and that all these forced takes are because you want enough engagements to get some of Elon’s money”.

Another user, @EmmyWorthYrn wrote, “He just went to embarrass himself honestly that platform people dream of being there and look at what he did with his opportunity.”

@oghenriejunior tweeted, “There’s nothing funny about what “Josh too Funny” did on that stage if we’re being honest. His videos on Instagram are even funnier than that stage performance.”

However, he also got positive responses on the now-viral video of his performance.

Reality TV show star, @Simply_Tacha tweeted, “Lool Josh is the funniest!! Really Big to make it to America Got Talent!! “

Ankyger @AfamDeluxo wrote, “Josh 2 funny is unbelievably daring.  It takes lots of guts to be able to do what he did.  If you have never climbed a stage, you won’t understand. For him to face an audience different from his usual audience and even make them laugh is incredibly audacious.  S/o to Josh! ❤”

“Just watched the Video of Josh2funny at AGT and I’m like HOW! – Do you know what it means to stand in front of 1 of the biggest stage in the world.. a different audience & made them LAUGH!! Comedy MASTERPIECE! It was well-planned & Delivered! Josh is a gift we should be proud of!” @Buchi_Lanba opined.


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