Rwandan-Born Honored with Laureate Award for Cervical Cancer Fight.


Grace Mutesi, a Rwandan-born woman, was recognized on Thursday, November 9, along with the other 2023 prize winners Laureates by UNESCO and Fondation L’Oréal for her scientific contributions to the prevention of cervical cancer.

Mutesi, a Ph.D. candidate in the Life and Environmental Sciences, received recognition for her efforts to advance women’s health in Kenya by increasing the country’s rate of HPV vaccination.

Investigating the obstacles and enablers to HPV vaccination, evaluating the acceptability of a single-dose vaccination strategy among Kenyan healthcare providers, and ultimately offering insightful information to guide tactics for fostering improved stakeholder engagement, raising vaccine awareness, and boosting HPV vaccination coverage are all part of her efforts to prevent cervical cancer.

At the 14th edition of the For Women in Science (FWIS) Young Talents Program for Sub-Saharan Africa, which is being held in Kasane, Botswana, she is one of thirty young talents who have been honored.

Their backgrounds include biochemistry, epidemiology, ecology, artificial intelligence, and public health. They are dedicated to employing novel methods to discover sustainable solutions for Africa’s many problems.

The CEO of the Foundation L’Oreal, Alexandra Palt said “Enabling women scientists to emerge in the public arena and be recognized for the quality of their work requires urgent action. It’s everyone’s responsibility, institutions, companies, and civil society. Neither Africa nor the world can successfully respond to the environmental, societal, and health crises of our time by depriving itself of half of humanity.”

In addition to receiving financing of €10,000, each Ph.D. laureate has the chance to further their professional and personal development by participating in leadership training.

The cohort will become a part of a community that was established in 2010 and comprises over 200 African researchers who have received recognition and assistance.

The Foundation L’Oréal, which focuses on three main areas: scientific research, inclusive beauty, and climate action, encourages and inspires women to take charge of their lives and change society.

The L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science program was launched in 1998 with the goal of enabling more women scientists to overcome obstacles to advancement and take part in solving major problems that will benefit all people. It has been encouraging younger generations of women to choose science as a career and awarding scientific success for 25 years by providing support to over 4,100 female researchers from over 110 nations.

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