Africa Wealth Report was just published on March 29. This report provides a comprehensive review of private wealth in Africa, including high-net-worth-individual, luxury, and wealth management trends, among others. It is a joint effort between Henley & Partners, a global leader in residence and citizenship by investment, and wealth intelligence firm, New World Wealth.

In their recent report, Rwanda was recognized for its remarkable achievements. Rwanda received several accolades highlighting the country’s growth and potential.

One such achievement is the recognition of its passport strength. In the top 20 African passports ranking, Rwanda was ranked number 17 in terms of passport strength.

Rwanda emerged as the best-performing market in Africa, with a 72% growth rate in the number of millionaires during the reporting period. This remarkable achievement has positioned the country as an attractive destination for investors seeking high returns on their investment.

Rwanda also ranked seventh in the report’s list of the next 10 wealthiest African countries, demonstrating its potential for economic growth and development. The country’s focus on sustainable development enabled it to make strides in various sectors, such as technology, finance, and tourism. 

Gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains, in Musanze district, were included in the list of top vacation destinations for high-net-worth families. This recognition is significant, as it highlights Rwanda’s potential as a tourist destination, providing a unique experience for high-end visitors seeking to explore Africa’s natural beauty.

Also, Rwanda’s One&Only Nyungwe House was mentioned as one of Africa’s premium safari lodges, particularly popular among high-net-worth individuals visiting Africa. This recognition further cements Rwanda’s position as a luxury travel destination.

The Africa Wealth Report 2023 has brought to light the remarkable growth and potential of Rwanda, as noted by Henley & Partners.

Rwanda boasts strong safety and security measures, robust ownership rights, and a well-developed banking system and stock market. These factors have made the country an attractive destination for investors and tourists alike, further enhancing its position as a leading African nation with great potential for continued success in the future.


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