31 year-old Monica Khatokho, founder of Khatz Moniq Apparel fashion store in Kampala,Uganda hosted a charity event with regards to scar appreciation day which was on 22nd October. Monica was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome in 2016 and she had to undergo two major life saving surgeries which left her with scars on her belly. In her interview with Africa news she said “I hated myself before, because of the scars. But the moment I accepted that, yes, this is something I cannot change about myself, that acceptance was healing to me”. She wanted people that shared the same journey with her to get the same closure she had gotten and heal from their traumas hence, she hosted the event to celebrate every scar because every scar tells a story. 


This event was hosted at Mestil Hotel in Uganda’s capital, kampala. Plus size people and people with other rare body conditions like vitiligo were also represented at this event. For this first edition, there was a one day audition for the male and female models before the shortlisted models paraded on the catwalk.


Lucy Kemisiga was one of the models that paraded the catwalk and she is a burn survivor. In her interview with Africa news she said “I got my scars in 2011, It was a fire accident. The house at home caught fire from a candle, and I was in there sleeping. I got burnt. I spent a few months at the hospital, and that’s how I got the scars”. 


The message the event was trying to pass was that scars do not make one ugly, each scar tells a story and your trauma does not define you. The most important message for the models was that each scar has a story. 


The theme of the event was “My scars are beautiful”. It was obvious that Monica Khatokho took utmost pride in this event as the creative director.


Proceeds obtained from this event was slated to go towards the Dirare Organization, this organization has been set up to offer support to individuals with scars.


She has decided to make this somewhat of a culture to help people with similar experiences.


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