See Upcoming Musicians Showcasing Diverse Genres in Africa.


As they continue to elevate African pop music to unprecedented levels, mainstream African musicians are pushing the creative frontiers of Afrobeats and Amapiano.

The musical landscape of Africa is dominated by Amapiano and Afrobeats, but many other fascinating genres are being explored by gifted up-and-coming musicians.

Africa possesses an amazing array of captivating music genres, ranging from R&B, EDM, Lekompo, Asakaa, Dancehall, Fuji, and Gqom, to name a few. These genres may provide listeners with a satisfying experience that goes beyond the mainstream.

These 11 up-and-coming musicians represent the variety of genres found in sub-Saharan Africa.


Nigerian recording artist and music producer Kaestyle, who is originally from Port Harcourt, expresses his laid-back attitude in his songs. His soft vocals, which have a strong R&B and soul flavor, have a big impact on his approach. With remarkable handwriting and skill, Kaestyle is making a name for himself in Nigeria’s expanding music scene. ‘Egberi’, his most recent release, is a blend of drill and highlife that displays his inventiveness and adaptability.

Kold AF

Kold AF is a rising star known for her distinctive fusion of dancehall, R&B, and soul. Her two-song EP Kold Szn from 2022 and her joint EP Kollide, published in 2023 with French producer BGRZ, are two of her productions that have left an impression.

Sigag Lauren

Sigag Lauren Nigerian DJ, producer, vocalist, and songwriter of EDM music. He is well known for his creative production methods and ability to seamlessly combine different genres. His ability to create compelling soundscapes and catchy beats has won him a lot of respect from his audience. Sigag has not only published his album but also a number of fresh singles. Listeners will find themselves dancing to the catchy groove of the lively song ‘Minds Already Made Up’.


Dance music performer Kah-lo is nominated for a Grammy for her collaboration with British DJ Riton on Rinse and Repeat because of her distinctive sound. In 2023, she issued her debut album, ‘Pain and Pleasure’.

Lemon Adisa

Lemon Adisa is a fascinating vocalist known for expertly fusing pop, R&B, hip-hop, and fuji music to create an explosive combination. He recently released an EP titled ‘Yeebo’. 


Kharishma is undoubtedly Lekompo’s main lady; as such, she has been ruling the charts and is currently regarded as one of the genre’s most promising musicians. ‘Matome’ and ‘Sekoloto’ are two of her well-known songs; the latter is credited with bringing her distinctive vocal style to a broader audience. 

Mr. Thela

Mr. Thela is a Gqom DJ and producer who rose to prominence in the genre with the independently released album Tronics Land Series 2 from the mother city. ‘Make Cape Town Great Again’, the record that was nominated for a South African Music Award in 2020, marked his debut in the music industry.

Filah Lah Lah

Renowned for her calming tones, former BET Africa Soul Cypher member Beyond only singing, Filah Lah Lah is a tremendously gifted Rhythm and Blues singer who recently signed a record deal with Sony Africa. Her writing is so compassionate that it is comparable to that of writers from the 1940s and 1960s. ‘Call Me’, her most recent album, is the ideal illustration.

Lwah Ndlunkulu

It’s well known that Lwah Ndlunkulu incorporates traditional aspects into her songs. An excellent illustration of a performer fusing contemporary sounds with traditional music—in her case, Afropop and Maskandi. As a featured artist on the South African Maskandi smash song Paris with Mthandeni SK, she had an amazing year. Her skill is evident in the songs ‘Ngiyeza’ and ‘Ithuba’, which are played everywhere from Kwazulu Natal to Gauteng.


DESIREE is a well-known producer in the EDM scene. Mzansi danced to DESIREE’s “Psilocybin”, a performer well-known for her captivating shows. Around the course of her career, DESIREE has routinely performed dance music at popular music-oriented venues all around the world.

Jay Bhad

Ghanaian musician Jay Bhad is well-known for his work in the Asakaa type of drill music, which combines hip-hop melodies with drill instrumentation. His reality influences his music, as evidenced by hits like “Condemn” and “Y3 Y3 Dom,” which highlight his skill.

While Afrobeats and Amapiano are sweeping the globe, fans should also keep an eye on some of the other fascinating subgenres that have the potential to propel African music’s global ascent.

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