SmartBots Village Launched in Botswana.


According to President Dr. Mokgweetsi Masisi, the launch of SmartBots village connection, which intends to quickly expand digital access to more than 500 villages across Botswana, is a component of the government’s fulfillment of its commitments to the Batswana.

¬†President Masisi stated at the project’s opening in Maun yesterday that SmartBots strengthened Botswana’s resolve to change its economic trajectory from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy.

Additionally, he stated that the inauguration of the SmartBots village connection flagship project was a significant turning point in Botswana’s journey toward digital transformation and will undoubtedly have a domino impact on all facets of the economy.

According to Dr. Masisi, the digital transformation strategy was the best way to close the digital divide and the best way to change the fortunes of the business community, which would have a significant impact on Botswana’s economic environment.

Utilizing this platform in the best possible way, which encourages people from all backgrounds to follow their aspirations, is economical. In addition to ensuring that business is completed as quickly as possible, it will go a long way toward saving users the trouble of driving great distances to conduct business in remote locations, which, according to him, will boost productivity and maintain business continuity even during turbulent times.

Additionally, according to President Masisi, Batswana would be able to access both public and private services as well as programs with just a click thanks to SmartBots.

He added that the government’s move to recover and rebuild following the COVID-19 pandemic, which had negatively impacted numerous economies, was represented by the SmartBots approach.

According to President Masisi, it was obvious that connected countries handled the pandemic better than less connected ones, which is why the government has decided to link in order to put itself in a better position to handle such dangers in the future.

He claimed that more linked nations, such as Botswana, were better prepared to withstand the storm. “Through SmartBots, the skills and capabilities of both youth and innovators who will be able to compete at a global scale will be developed,” he added. Nevertheless, he cautioned the Batswana from abusing official channels should they end themselves in legal trouble.

Kgosi Tawana II agreed with President Masisi that users who conduct business locally will benefit from SmartBots’ time and money savings.

He was pleased that the project included everyone and provided a provision for those who were falling behind.

Community spokesperson Ms. Vehai Tjirianga spoke from personal experience about the benefits of the SmartBots platform and applauded the government for the program, which she claimed had a profound effect on women and girls.

“This strategy promotes gender equity and closes the digital gender divide in connectivity. I have been able to surf through the net while queuing for services at health facilities,” said Ms Tjirianga, a social entrepreneur and gender activist.

With 1.6 million Batswana now able to use free Internet services, Phase 1 of the rural connection initiative has connected to roughly 1,138 public facilities spread throughout 144 communities. About 120 924 Batswana on average use the SmartBots services.


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