On Tuesday, a preliminary agreement was signed by the Sudanese government and an association of Emirati companies to develop and operate the Abu Amama port on the Red Sea with investments amounting to $6 billion. 

The agreement was signed by the Sudanese Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Gibril and the Invictus Chairman, Osama Daoud Abdella at the signing ceremony which took place at the Republican Palace and had in attendance Lt. Gen. Igrahim Jabir, a member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council.

In a statement issued by the consortium, it reads that,“The consortium will have the sole right to directly develop, manage, and operate specified port and economic zones assets and to create joint ventures, partnerships, or other business agreements to support the financing, development, construction, management, and operation of the projects”.

The Minister said that the Abu Amama port will be built north of the Port Sudan port through almost all of the country’s imports and South Sudan’s oil exports and will include an industrial zone, an international airport and an agricultural zone covering more than 400,000 acres.

The agreement, which also includes the construction of a water pipeline that pumps about 2,000,000 cubic meters per day from the Nile River to the Red Sea State, will contribute to solving the drought issue in Port Sudan and mining areas.

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