In order to protect the cultural norms and morals in the educational system, the government of Tanzania has banned a well-known series of children’s books from schools stating that it promotes LGBTQIA.


On Monday, Tanzanian Minister of Education Adolf Mkenda announced the immediate ban on the children’s book called “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, and revealed that the libraries of public and private schools will be under surveillance.


Some other banned books were listed, including “Sex Education: A Guide to Life”. The books he listed had terminologies like transgender and LGBTQIA.


Speaking to reporters in the political capital Dodoma, the minister said “we are banning these books from schools and other educational institutions because they contradict Tanzanian cultural norms and morals”.


He continued, “the books also violate the good practices of bringing up our children”, as they were on the first list of “unacceptable books”, and urged parents to inspect their children’s bags to make sure they do not have these books.


Following a statement by a senior member of the ruling CCM party that same-sex activity is becoming rampant in universities, Tanzanian President met with the university student leaders, asking them to be cautious with some “imported culture”.


President Samia Suluhu Hassan said, “if you are a Tanzanian, live in accordance with our cultures”.


She said that the practice contradicts the cultures and morals in Tanzania and is forbidden by religious books.

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