The Theban Tomb of Meru is located at El-Assasif, Theban Necropolis.

Meru was a high official under Mentuhotep II, with the titles “royal sealer and overseer of sealers”. He is known from a big Steele which is dated to year 46 of the king. Some of the Middle Kingdom’s most prominent officials were buried at North Asasif.

His tomb consists of a great courtyard at the hills of El-Assasif. It is cut into the rock and consists of a corridor and second corridor that goes down to the burial chamber.

Egypt has restored, documented and opened to tourists the Middle Kingdom of Meru, the oldest site accessible to the public on Luxor’s West Bank, home to some of its most spectacular Pharaonic monuments including the Valley of the Kings.

Meru’s tomb was restored by the Polish Center for Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Warsaw and Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. According to the ministry statement this is the first site from such an early period in Western Thebes to be made accessible to visitors.

In 1996, Italian conservators cleaned some of the wall paintings. This tomb has been known since at least the mid-19th century, according to the Polish Egyptian archaeological mission.

This will improve the economy by boosting tourism and tourist activities.

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