Tunisia Launches Environmental Preservation Program.

The preservation of the ecosystem and the environment by extension is now a topic that is being talked about constantly and consistently, almost everyone is now living in awareness of this preservation. 

So many African countries are putting in the work ensuring that it does not just end in lip service or as passive knowledge. One of such is Tunisia.


An organization from this North African country, the WWF recently launched a program “Adopt a Mediterranean Beach”. This was announced by the Tunis Afrique Presse news agency on Thursday 27th of April.


This organization focused on environmental preservation launched this program to monitor and raise awareness about plastic waste in the sea. Volunteers, schools, and institutions will be able to adopt beaches and take care of them. The goal is to monitor and collect data on marine litter and raise awareness about plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

The campaign is a collaboration between WWF offices in Tunisia, Greece, and Turkey, three Mediterranean countries. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is dedicated to preserving the environment.


It is supposed to encourage volunteers, schools, and organizations to personally take care of the beaches, any organization that adopts a beach will see to it that the particular beach is being monitored for waste emissions and also collect data on the waste found. The information will form a regional platform for combating plastic waste pollution. 


The campaign was already launched in Greece in 2021 and expanded to Turkey and Tunisia. In two years, groups of volunteers adopted 149 beaches and collected over 185,000 pieces of litter along approximately 15,000 meters of coastline.

Most of the garbage collected on Greek beaches was plastic; 84%. Half of the trash found consisted of cigarette butts, small pieces of plastic, straws, bottle caps, and small pieces of polystyrene.

According to WWF, Tunisia is one of the Mediterranean countries most affected by plastic pollution, and they are taking charge and turning it around with this campaign.

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