Tunisia, Libya Launch Sub-Saharan African Trade Corridor.


A continental commercial corridor connecting Tunisia and Libya with sub-Saharan Africa has been agreed upon. At a joint ministerial gathering convened on Friday at the headquarters of the Tunisian Ministry of Trade and Export Development, the two parties made the declaration.

They emphasized the significance of rebuilding and expanding the Ras Jedir border crossing in accordance with international standards in order to serve as a commercial entrance to Africa and a means of achieving economic integration, particularly with sub-Saharan African nations, and to forge a productive partnership between Tunisia, Libya, and Africa.

Libya’s Minister of Economy and Trade Mohamed Al-Hwej and Tunisia’s Minister of Trade and Export Development Kalthoum Ben Rejeb served as the meeting’s hosts.

In order to join the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Libya emphasized its support for Tunisia.

It was resolved to establish a work group to strengthen collaboration in food and pharmaceutical security and to create a rapid response team to handle the challenges at the Ras Jedir border.

In order to integrate the economic free zone in Ras Jedir from the Libyan side with the free zone for commercial and logistical activities in Ben Guerdane, Tunisia, memorandums of agreement were signed in the fields of staging exhibitions and economic conferences.

The two nations anticipate bilateral commerce reaching $5 billion in Tunisian dinars, but this goal necessitates political and security stability in each nation. However, some watchers of the politics in the nations bordering Libya believe that the corridor idea may encounter a lot of difficulties.


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