The United States of America has recently launched the American Chamber of Commerce in Harare, Zimbabwe, as the US is warming up to more business opportunities in Zimbabwe through increased investment and trade.




Mr. Marc Holtzman, Chairperson of the American Chamber of Commerce in Harare said this is the beginning of a new era as Zimbabwe will have an opportunity to further bilateral trade and investment ties with the USA our expectations are therefore centered on strengthening economic cooperation”.



The Southern African country expects an improved investment inflow as there were several US-based companies represented at the unveiling platform.



The USA Chief Executive Officer, of Mad Energy, Mr. George Wentz revealed that “it is all about our commitment to investing in Zimbabwe, therefore, the re-engagement agenda has created a platform to further deepen business ties”.



“I am already exploring possibilities of setting up projects in Zimbabwe’s energy value chain”, he added.



The Zimbabwean Government guaranteed potential investors of advantageous incentives, as the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Prof. Mthuli Ncube said, “Treasury is committed to a cocktail of incentives aimed at ensuring prospective investors of viable returns, guaranteeing them that their portfolios are safe”.



Also, the local companies in Zimbabwe have shown interest in partnering with US-based companies for expansion in operations, as well as creating a wider market and attracting new capital.

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