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    Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai to Set up First War Crimes Court

    A new war crimes court has been established in Liberia by an executive order signed by President Joseph Boakai, more than two decades after two civil conflicts that claimed 250,000 lives came to an end. Liberia, according to Mr. Boakai, had “endured downpours of agony”. Atrocities throughout the hostilities that lasted from 1989 to 2003Continue reading

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    From Prison to Presidency: Bassirou Faye Swears Oath as Senegal’s President

    Following his win on polling on Sunday and the Constitutional Council ultimately validating and declaring the results, left-wing pan-Africanist, Bassirou Diomaye Faye has been sworn in as the youngest Senegalese president on Tuesday.  From prison to presidency, Faye who has never held an elected office before won the first-round victory on a pledge of radicalContinue reading

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    Rwanda Set for New $165 Million IMF Funding

    The International Monetary Fund said on Friday, March 22, that a two-week mission to Rwanda had agreed to allocate another $165.5 million in funding to the country, even as it warned of vulnerabilities tilted to the downside. While Rwanda’s economic outlook continues to be positive, IMF mission lead, Ruben Atoyan said that a number ofContinue reading

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    Kenyan President Signs Affordable Housing Bill into Law.

    The President of Kenya, William Ruto, has formally signed a contentious bill into law, creating a path for the government to continue collecting a housing levy of 1.5% of a worker’s monthly pay. The signing ceremony was conducted in State House Nairobi and attended by key government officials. The primary goal of the levy isContinue reading

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    Kenya Tops Peers in Youth Digital Potential.

    According to the 2023 Eastern Africa Youth Digital Readiness Index, Kenya is the nation leading the way in the digital revolution. Kenya’s extensive usage of mobile money, government infrastructure spending, and digital literacy campaigns are all credited for the country’s rating. Even having a score of 26.75, Kenya continues to struggle with unequal access toContinue reading

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