Bini Culture of Nigeria

 Bini Culture of Nigeria

The Bini people are ethnic group found in Edo state and they spread across the Delta, Ondo and Rivers states of Nigeria.


The Bini Belief System


Historically, they had held on to the belief that the world is divided into two planes; the visible plane and invisible plane of existence. Also, both planes were created by osanobua(God).

They also believed in several other gods who specialize in their diverse welfare.


Bini Food


Their traditional food is mostly pounded yam eaten with vegetables, melon or okra soups cooked with bush meat. They also like cocoyam porridge which is popular among them.

Native drinks include palm wine and ogogoro, which is distilled from palm trees.




To the Bini, death is seen as a cycle by which an individual moves between the spirit world and the physical world in a series of fourteen reincarnations. Present in this appearance is the  spiritual counterpart which is called ehi.

And after death, the person and his spiritual counterpart give an account to osanobua and if it be accepted, the person joins the ancestors in the spirit realm.




The festival of masquerades is one of the practices of the Bini people. They use this to appease the gods and goddesses of the land or as a traditional get-together.

The most prominent one is the one that is being celebrated during December by the Oba, as a form of Thanksgiving for the outgoing year.

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