The Ibibio people are mostly found in Akwaibom, Cross river and Abia state in Southern Nigeria.


Marriage Culture

The ancient “Fattening room” tradition is the first picture that is expressed when their marriages is to be discussed. The fattening room of the Efik people is the room given for training to maidens in preparation for womanhood. They are sent to the flattening room, six month before marriage so that they will be pampered with massages, fed them with what they would like to eat, and enlighten them about the in and out of marriage.  They are not allowed to do any work instead they are to eat sumptuous meals, sleep,  coupled with meaningful conversation.

She is also taught about sex and how to give proper satisfaction to her husband.

At the end of this period, people are invited to honour her success in passing out through the training. After that she and her husband dances and welcome their families and friends that have come to join the celebration.


Cultural Dishes

Their dishes are mostly sourced from the river. They are mostly around the riverine area and owning to this, their  nutritional culture is also tied to the seas.


Efik Beliefs

Abassi is considered to be the supreme creator, and His wife, Atai, is known as the mediator.

It is also believed that Abassi was convinced by his wife to allow two humans( one man and one woman) to live on earth but forbade them to give birth, but they disobeyed and this resulted to chaos and death.



They are known very well when it comes to food, and one of the rich dishes is the afang soup which is one of the important dishes and must be made available in  their traditional marriages. Other dishes are edikang nkong( vegetable soup), and afere atama(atama soup). Only few ethnic group can match up with them when it comes to indigenous meals.

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