Hausa Traditional Marriage

 Hausa Traditional Marriage

The Hausa Ethnic group is the most populous ethnic group in the Northern part of Nigeria. Marriage is one the hot subject in the Hausa community.


 It usually starts with the groom and his female friend will visit the bride family to make their intentions known, which is known as nagani inaso, after that the couple will be allowed to see each other but there are some restrictions attached.


There is a stage where there will be a secret investigation by the families of the groom and bride respectively, after that the approval of the groom by the bride, the bride’s parent would now convey the message to the parent of the groom which is known as gaisuwa and sarana.


Both parents will now have a planned meeting to discuss about the bride price “sadaki” and the day the wedding will holds. Some days, before the wedding ceremony both the bride and groom parent will now make a public announcement about the intended union of their children by sharing sweet and kolanut.


With the changing times, invitation cards are made through media outlets , wedding is the final stage after which the bride is taken to the groom’s house together with an old woman who will stay with the bride for some days.

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