WeMed Award Sets Date for 2023 Edition in Tunisia.


The WeMed Mediterranean Sustainability Award is one of the first awards that aims to recognize an inclusive transition to sustainability in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean faces a wide batch of environmental and social challenges; Climate change, biodiversity loss, rapid urbanization, and increased resource consumption and waste are just a few of these challenges that require radical measures to confront.


The WeMed Mediterranean Sustainability Award stands as a groundbreaking initiative, acknowledging the inclusive journey toward sustainability. A flagship of the UNEP/MAP Mediterranean strategy, this award is not just a ceremony; it is a call for radical change. Climate change, biodiversity loss, urbanization, and resource consumption demand innovative approaches, and the WeMed Awards aim to spotlight those at the forefront.


The third edition of the WeMed Mediterranean Sustainability Award will be giving out six prices in a total of €9,000 each, given in the form of consulting services and technical assistance. 


This edition is targeting Business Support Organizations and Entrepreneurs/ start-ups that are or have been direct beneficiaries of at least one of the 19 EU-Projects analyzed under RESET in the field of Green Business Creation and Circular Economy. Applicants should have benefited from one of the Outputs (Best Practices, Knowledge, Tool) in one of the Mediterranean-eligible regions within the ENI CBC MED Program and have women (no age limit) and/or youth (up to 35 years old) in their team. 


This award ceremony is on the horizon, ready to recognize and celebrate pioneers in sustainable development. The 2023 edition is a crucial part of the RESET project. This project, focused on sustainable, green, and circular business support achievements, serves as a bridge to replication and policy-making, emphasizing the importance of EU projects in the region.


The Grand Celebration will be held in Tunisia on the 23rd of October. The event promises a deep dive into the best practices in green entrepreneurship and circular economy, followed by the awarding ceremony and networking opportunities. 


The WeMed Award has been created by MedWaves as part of the Switchers Support Programme. The WeMed Award is a flagship initiative of the UNEP/MAP Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development.  This edition of 2023 is funded by the ENI CBC Med Programme.

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