Tricia Andong, a Nigerian was announced as the winner of the October edition of the Photogenic Stride Contest, which kicked off on the 14th of October 2022.


The Photogenic Stride Contest is an online beauty contest that showcases the true beauty of the African woman, which runs every month with a money prize of $150 to be won.


The winner for the October edition, Tricia Andong is a 200 level student, studying Banking and Finance in the University of Jos, Nigeria. She entered the competition at the tail-end of it, with 80 ladies from other African countries. Despite her late entry, she had a victory-win with a total of 3,149.5 votes.


In an interview with the Afrisquare team, Tricia was asked how she was able to get people to vote for her; she revealed that it was not an easy one, as she had to constantly call her friends explaining to them the voting process and also share the voting link to friends of theirs.


As a student who was affected by the ASUU strike, Tricia also asked random people to vote for her while she was working during the strike period. However, this was a challenge to Tricia, she said: “Some people called me names for asking to use their details to vote for me, but I didn’t give up because I saw the possibility of me winning”.


Regardless of the challenges, Tricia told the Afrisquare team that she would love to take on the modelling career and also contest again, as she had used the cash prize to pay for her house rent in school. She said the platform was quite helpful to her.


The Photogenic Stride Contest is solely based on merit as ladies from African countries get to upload their best pictures and have people vote for them by sharing the voting link. The November edition has kicked off and it’s up and running with just 5 days to go.

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