Ghanaian artist Amarkine Amateifio is urging parents throughout Ghana and Africa to foster their children’s talents from an early age, emphasizing the profound impact this can have on their future achievements. 

This call to action comes in response to the recent feat of one-year-old Ace Liam, who shattered a Guinness World Record, underscoring the remarkable potential young children harbored with opportunities to explore their skills.

The groundbreaking accomplishment of Ace Liam was unveiled during a press briefing on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. His journey towards this milestone commenced with a bold endeavor to imitate his mother’s daily routines within her art studio.

Chantelle Eghan, the mother of Ace Liam, recounted their journey, explaining, “He observes me painting and starts to paint as well. Whenever I set up my workspace, he brings his chair and joins me effortlessly.” She detailed how, at just six months old, Ace began experimenting with blending and spreading paint on canvas, progressing to using a paintbrush with remarkable intuition by the age of 11 months.

Ace Liam’s achievement astonished many Ghanaians who harbored doubts about the capacity of a one-year-old to produce meaningful art. However, Amateifio perceives Ace Liam’s accomplishment as a significant breakthrough. “Every child possesses such potential. 

They enter the world as artists, scientists, and engineers. We, the adults, inhibit them from sustaining these capabilities. I attribute all credit to the nurturing home environment, particularly to his mother, Kukua, who cultivated the conducive atmosphere for the talents this child brings into the world to thrive,” he remarked.

Guinness World Records officially acknowledged Ace Liam after his exhibition in Accra from January 18 to 20, 2024, surpassing the 31-year-old record set by Dante Lamb, who achieved a similar feat at three in 2003.

Amateifio emphasized the significance of fostering children’s innate inclinations, asserting, “From a very young age, children manifest their inherent tendencies. Children arrive to contribute and enhance the world. Liam’s Guinness World Record should catalyze parents to prioritize their children, furnish them with ample resources, and equip them with the necessary tools to nurture their talents.”