Nankhumwa Stuward is a 17-year-old Malawian boy. He created a device that allows him to use the internet on his smartphone without the need for data.



Nankhumwa, who spent K8,000 to come up with the wi-fi device, said he was over the moon that his hard work has now started yielding fruits.



He has then been invited to study at the Malawi University of Science and Technology through Malawi 2063 Youth Innovation Program 12-month scholarship.



Stuward said he believed the scholarship will offer him more knowledge which he will use to produce a solar power generation device.




” I am very excited and humbled to be offered this scholarship and I will use the opportunity wisely to gain more skills,” said the young innovator.



Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, MUST Institute of Industrial Research and Innovation, research fellow Wongani Langa said through the Malawi 2063 Youth Innovation Programme 12-month scholarship, Nankhumwa will be mentored to ensure his innovation is commercialized.




Langa said after the mentorship, MUST will link the innovator with investors so that they can help him in selling the product.



Yes, he has been offered a 12-month-long scholarship here at MUST so as to help mentor his wonderful project. After his, mentorship training, he will be exposed to the investors for the possible market of his product, ” said Langa.



Nankhumwa, who has a deep interest in reading physics books, is also said to have developed a radio, a kettle, and a 4-volts battery.


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