The Senegalese 20 years of Dakar Fashion Week was celebrated in style on Saturday 3rd December, with a show at the historic Island of Goree once known for slave trade. 


The show was put together by Adama N’Diaye who is a French designer with Senegalese roots and owner of the French label Adama Paris. 


The designer and organiser of the Dakar Fashion week was completely elated for the growth the Dakar Fashion week has experienced over the years, which had a very nice party with 20 exceptional designers. She said African fashion is inspiring, diversified, beautiful and daring. 


The show had a runway of 20 designer’s work from African countries including Angola, Morocco, Mali, Mozambique and South Africa.


One of the designers from Morocco, Karim Tassi said that the originality is to be in Africa and bring together all the African designers, with each of them displaying their own cultural identity and putting everyone on the same catwalk, which is magnificent. 


The show helps boost the local fashion industry in Senegal, motivating and encouraging more younger people to follow a career in this business.


The event ended on Sunday evening with an all “white night”.

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