The African International Film Festival is an African event held annually. It is the conference of original film makers and storytellers and other audiences seeking new voices and fresh filmmaking perspectives; showcasing new creators and emerging trends.


The 11th season award night was held on Saturday, 12th of November, 2022 at the Landmark center, Lekki, Lagos. The theme of this year’s AFRIFF was “indigenous for global” exploring indigenous content and the primary component required to take it to a global audience. 


The aim of this event is to develop our own film industry to a level where it can participate in a healthy competition with its contemporaries, globally. The event provides growth opportunities for these filmmakers and professionals to eventually share their products with people all over the world. To establish how local stories can reach and connect with audiences all over the world. It also facilitates access to investors for these new filmmakers. Skill acquisitions, equipment and technical acquisitions through seminars organized by the festival and several capacity development workshops. 


This festival is an immersion into the world of filmmaking with participation from international and local actors,script writers, directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, musicians, editors, light engineers, students, equipment managers and all film industry professionals. 


Various streams of the event take place throughout the day sometimes, simultaneously. The event lasted for 6 days from the 6th of November to the 12th of November. There were different kinds of classes and workshops hosted during these six days and on the last day at night, they hosted the award/ gala night. The full list of the award receivers can be found on

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