Due to the tragic loss of his first son, Nigerian singer Davido took time off social media to grieve; this included a hiatus from his career. 


His first public appearance after the tragedy was at the World Cup Closing Ceremony where he performed “Hayya” (happy together) with Trinidadian singer Cardona and Qatari singer Aisha. 


On the 31st day of March 2023, he dropped an album called Timeless, which sparked the whole internet; many positive comments and a few negative comments. This article will review each song on the album.


Over Dem

In this song, Davido narrated how much God has been there for him. He used the “David and Goliath” biblical reference, saying “If dem wan turn Goliath, I be David for life” meaning if they want to turn to his enemy, he will keep winning because God has always been by his side. The song also pointed out how he minds his business and just enjoys himself with his friends. The song is best suited for a calm evening, it is not too upbeat but it is not too slow, and it can pass as a motivational song. Listening to this song takes one to a cool evening, spent with close friends reminiscing. It was not my favorite song on the album but it has its mood.


This song has an upbeat sound and as someone who loves to dance, I love the song. It has an Amapiano beat, a South African beat known to make someone want to dance, and truly the song makes you want to dance. Judging by the lyrics, it is a love song or probably a heartbreak song but the nice beat has distracted the listeners from the singer’s pains. This is easily one of my favorites.

In The Garden

He featured Morravey in this album which makes the first verse a woman’s point of view. It is a love song, assuming a love interest between the two people singing the song. Not in real life, but for the song’s sake, they are lovers. Listening to this song takes one’s imagination to silk bedsheets and rose petals, laughter, and caresses. It is in the way the beat pairs well with the lyrics, makes you want with a significant other and just be in the moment. I play it to do my laundry but yes, I like to imagine I am the main character in a music video while doing it. 


As the title suggests, he plays the role of a godfather that has succeeded in lifting his close pals. He has connections and he is calling on all his friends so they could have a good time, as it is important to enjoy one’s self as they have money. He also spells out how much they love having fun and how it’s a regular activity. He also pointed out that everything he has gotten is from God so if anyone tries to talk bad, they will burn. The beat is unique, and the song is also danceable. Makes you imagine driving in a convertible with friends or laughing on a yacht.


Musa Keys was featured in this infamous Tiktok favorite. Asides from the danceable tune, there is just something about the lyrics, the way almost everyone can relate to it, and the appeal was sealed with a matching dance. The song is talking about not being available for side talks, explaining that he is only human, and never claimed perfect, he will make mistakes but that does not give people the right to come for him. Unarguably, it makes you imagine being in the club.


He featured Dexta Daps in this. There is just something about this song. It does not spark any imagination but it promises a good time. The beats, the way they drop and rise, you just want to nod your head and tap your feet.

E Pain Me

This is a heartbreak song, he expresses how it was really painful that a girl was trying to play with his heart. He explained how he wanted to change his life for this girl but she decided to play with his heart and it made him bitter, even though he is begging her to stay back. It is the kind of song you sway slowly to even though it has somewhat of an upbeat. 


Once again he is talking about how he stands firm no matter how much people want to see him fall, he does not have time for problems so he has gone away to Ibiza. He also uses the song to advise that whatever one does, he should be sure it is fruitful. Apart from motivating, this song is also a danceable one.


My favorite thing about this song is the beginning; it has an old-school vibe to it. It starts like that but it does not continue, it continues with a contemporary beat. He is talking about how he is always cautious of how he moves and he carries people along.


Titled after a footballer, this is my personal favorite, it is both danceable and grounded. It gives a slow vibe, the kind of song you can dance to with your significant other. In the lyrics, Kante is used metaphorically to liken her dancing skills to Kante’s football skills. This song takes you to a night of red wine and slow dancing.

Na Money

My second favorite after Kante features the Cavemen Brothers and Angelique Kidjo. It is a perfect blend of traditional and modern. It is talking about a woman that deserves all the good things in life. This takes you to the traditional wedding of two affluent people with important dignitaries in attendance. Angelique Kidjo’s voice in the last verse sealed the uniqueness of the song.


After the high of “Kante” and “Na Money”, he decided to tone it down with this heartfelt love song. The kind of song you listen to doing the dish while daydreaming of your perfect love life.

No Competition

This song features the infamous Asake. Asake is generally known for not having any bad songs and trust that he brought his magic to this song too. This song boosts confidence and makes you feel like a video vixen, with all lights and cameras on you. 


This slow song featuring Logos Olori is a heartfelt love song. The kind of song you listen to after a long day while swaying your head with a finger of scotch in hand, and your eyes closed.

For The Road

He is asking the girl if being in love with the riches is not what she is confusing for being in love with him, and she should be honest with him. Nevertheless, if she decides to leave then she should give him something to hold on to. This is the kind of song you listen to with people but in silence, or the kind that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs at a concert.


It is world knowledge that Davido bore so many losses last year and this song has hinted at his grief. He pointed out how the people he loves will be watching over him from above but he will still try to live his life fully before he has to leave the world.

Champion Sound

This beautiful Amapiano song he made with Focalistic a while ago is a song that can not fade. The rise and fall of the beat, and the beautiful play on words in the lyrics. The part where he said, “Light me up o Faraday”. Faraday is famous for electricity and it rhymed with the last word on the previous line. This song will have you doing dance steps in your head that you cannot do in reality.


With the back-to-back hit, I am not stuttering when I say this album is a 10. Whatever mood you are in, the album has a song for it. In one word, it is “beautiful”.


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