Africa’s Fortunes Are Changing for Better — Charumbira says.


Chief Fortune Charumbira, the President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) has said that Africa’s fortunes, including Zimbabwe, are changing for the better as a result of partnerships with BRICS countries resulting in the acceleration of infrastructure development. 

According to him, the continent continues to register economic growth despite illegal sanctions imposed on some African countries including Zimbabwe and Sudan, by the United States and its Western allies. 

Chief Charumbira mentioned this while addressing a BRICS dinner in Johannesburg, organized by the African National Congress’ Progressive Business Forum to mark the group’s 15th Heads of State and Government summit.

He stated, “Economic growth rates are increasing in many of our countries, new infrastructure is being built, communication systems and electronic connectivity are expanding and the manufacturing industry, though still weak, is starting to expand, adding that BRICS countries are partners in a number of development projects particularly with regard to infrastructure development.”

He continued by saying that “there is a direct interest in extending cooperation between all the BRICS countries and Africa to support the continent’s development agenda as it related to infrastructure development and industrialization.”

Chief Charumbira said illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe have galvanized Harare to enhance cooperation with BRICS countries such as China and the bilateral relations have performed wonders.

He added that “for countries such as Zimbabwe and Sudan under the yoke of illegal Western-imposed sanctions for over a decade, the BRICS countries with their relative independence from the West, have provided a means of relief against the debilitating sanctions.”


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