Algeria has embarked on a futuristic 20,000 hectare urban development project, divided between housing, business districts and agricultural areas. It was launched in a strategic region at the crossroads of the North-South and East-West axis.

The General manager of the public establishment of the new city of Boughezoul explained “We have built a modern city in order to attract the population and create a balance between the coast, the High Plains and the south. These are pilot new cities. We hope to extend this experience later to other cities.”

The future city will house the Algerian space agency, a new railway station and a new international airport.

One of Algeria’s priorities has been to eradicate slums and derelict housings.

In the Saharan regions, new housing estates are being built to relieve congestion in large cities and low cost housings. Interest-free loans are offered by the state in satellite neighborhoods.

Another priority is to build numerous stadiums.

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