Angola, Egypt to Enhance Cooperation in Infrastructure Sector.


Egypt’s ambassador to Angola, Mohamed Safwat, on Wednesday in Luanda declared the country’s plan to increase the number of companies operating in Angola in the infrastructure sector. The diplomat said this during a press meeting following a meeting with National Assembly Speaker, Carolina Cerqueira. 

During the press meeting, Safwat said his country is working closely with the Angolan government to increase the number of Egyptian companies in the Angola infrastructure sector. He further expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation between the two countries, which since 2016 has seen an increase in the volume of business from Egypt to Angola, especially from Egyptian companies represented in the country in the infrastructure sector.

Mr. Safwat pointed out the existence of Egypt’s business personnel who have lived in Angola for decades and “who have been effectively contributing to the development of the two countries in areas such as the metallurgical and petrochemical industries.” He, however, called for the strengthening of both countries’ relationship since the continent has the resources to cooperate with each other, within the framework of the bases created by the African Union (AU) through regional and bilateral agreements. 

Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the president of Egypt visited Angola in June with the aim to enhance bilateral relations. On that note, he invited Joao Lourenco his Angolan counterpart to Egypt, on a date to be decided through diplomatic channels. Safwat hoped that the Angolan president’s visit to his country would take place as soon as possible to take bilateral relations even further.

During the meeting with the National Assembly Speaker, both counterparts discussed matter relating to parliamentary diplomacy, as well as an invitation made to representatives of the Egyptian parliament to take part in the General Assembly of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) to be held in the Luanda in October. The ambassador assured that Egypt will be strongly represented in this activity, having wished Angola’s success in organizing the major event.

According to a source in the organizing committee, Angola has created technical, material, and human conditions to host the 147th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union from October 23rd to 27th. Mohamed Safwat noted that he is pleased with the work he has done during these years in the country as he reaches the end of his mission after four years as a diplomat in Angola. 

Political and diplomatic cooperation between the two countries was formalized on March 26, 1987, when a General Agreement on Economic, Scientific, and Technical Cooperation was signed in Luanda. Angola and Egypt are keen to increase cooperation in several sectors such as economy, trade and industry, education, higher education and technical-vocational training, energy and water, banking and finance, agriculture and fisheries.

The two countries are engaged in the preparation of the first session of the Bilateral Commission, which will evaluate cooperation and establish the process for legal instruments to be in force.

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