Moscow-based state space corporation, Roscomos has announced that the Angosat-2, Angolan telecom satellite passed tests in orbit and has began operations.

Following the launch of the satellite, specialists from Angola, Moscow and Russia began post-launch activities that lasted for 23 days.

The post-launch activities included many manoeuvres involving engineering principles related to orbital mechanics that facilitated the successful placement of Angosat-2 in its final orbital position 23E, in geostationary orbit at a distance of about 36,000KM from earth.

The Angosat-2 has a mass of about 1.7 tonnes and a service life of 15 years and is also a product of Roscomos’ Reshetnev Satellite Information System.

Concluding the second phase of Angosat-2 tests will provide telecommunication services, digital television and broadband internet to be taken to Angola’s most remote areas at competitive prices.

Due to the loss of Angosat-1 which was  launched into orbit on 26 December 2018 and stopped transmitting, Angosat-2 was launched as a replacement.

The Angosat-2 will also cover the whole of the African continent and a significant part of the Southern Europe and nearly a total coverage of the Southern Africa region.

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