Models opened the show to an impressive parade of dancers, performers, clowns and giant puppets in Cameroon’s fashion week which kicked off in Yaounde with an urban parade dedicated to the celebration of cotton.

The fashion show was tagged “Cotton Pride, from seed to dress”, which served as an introductory piece to the commencement of the Fashion and Design Forum.

The show director Nathalie Veuillet stated that there is a whole lot of work that goes into producing fine and beautiful cotton trousers or dresses.

She said: “When you see a woman walking by in a beautiful dress or a man in beautiful cotton trousers, you can’t imagine the whole chain of work that goes into it. So in fact Cotton Pride is the pride of cotton work. It means that before you can wear this beautiful dress, there are people who cut, there are people who sew, there are people who spin the fibres, there are people who sow the seed, others who pick the flowers and others who transport these cotton flowers to the spinning mill. So in fact all these pictures show the different stages of cotton processing”.

Headed by Yves Eya’a, the Urban Parade was an initiative of the Centre des Créateurs de Mode du Cameroun (CCMC).

According to the CCMC promoter, the theme of the designers’ collection is “Let Fashion Express Itself” and the street fashion show was a way to express “the fashion” in Cameroon today. “It was important that fashion went to the streets because today when we look at the streets, it’s all that inspires us as designers, as fashion, as fashionistas”.

The Cotton Pride fashion show attracted many people and onlookers as the show was an intriguing one to see.

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