“Do not miss events” in Egypt this Week.


Ahram Online recently highlighted a selection of do-not-miss events this week (7-13 February 2024) in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Ismailia and Luxor​. These events are listed as follows;

Last days of Japanese Film Week 2024
This will be held from 3rd-8th February at the Artistic Creativity Center, Cairo Opera House Grounds, Zamalek, Cairo. The Japanese Film Week will present a selection of Japanese films spanning animation, comedy, drama, history, autobiography, mystery, and thriller. A few films are being screened daily, and the full program can be found on the Japan Foundation Facebook 

Last days of Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children

The festival already kicked off in Port Said, then moved to Cairo where it will continue until 9 February, with performances, masterclasses, and workshops presented in Falaki Theater, Hanager Theatre, the Italian Institute, and the Goethe Institut-Kairo. The activities will then move to Ismailia on 8 and 9 February where the performances will take place in Misr Public Library. Check the festival’s program for more details.

Last days of Alexandria Photo Week

The inaugural edition of Alexandria Photo Week presents eight group and individual exhibitions and 40 lectures between 1-10 February. Events are held in seven major cultural centers around Alexandria: Jesuit Cultural Center, Bsarya for Arts, Graeco-Roman Museum, Amideast, 6 Bab Sharq, French Institute, and Greek Cultural Center. The event is being organized by Photopia in cooperation with numerous entities. It is Photopia’s extension to the already highly popular annual Photo Week in Cairo.

El-System – film
This will be held on Wednesday 7 February across cinemas. A man suffers from failure in romantic relationships and his inability to deal with women. He asks his friend for help whose advice is based on his previous emotional experiences. The film stars Tarek Lotfy, Nesreen Tafesh, and Ahmed El-Fishawy.

Folklorita – concert
Will be held on Wednesday 7th February at 7 pm at Mansoura, Um Kalthoum Sq, in front of the Governorate Building. The newly established group Folklorita will perform during the celebrations of Dakahlia governorate’s National Day, which falls on 8 February. The troupe consists of 14 artists: singers and percussionists using duff, darbouka, dohola, accompanied by a few instrumentalists on kawala, keyboard, etc.  

Anf Wa Thalath Oyoon (A Nose and Three Eyes) – film
Will be held on Thursday, 8th February across cinemas.

Dr. Hashem, a renowned plastic surgeon in his mid-40s is single despite having been in two long-term relationships before. When he meets Ruba, 25 years his junior, he cannot resist her charms despite the age gap. The film stars Amina Khalil, Saba Mubarak, and Dhafer L’Abidine.

Abu Shaar Brothers – concert
Will be held on Thursday, 8th February, at 7:30 pm at El-Sawy Culturewheel, Wisdom Hall, 26th of July Street, Zamalek, Cairo. Formed in the 1980s with new generations subsequently entering the ensemble, Abu Shaar Bro (El Ekhwa Abu Shaar), are internationally renowned Syrian performers whose music and lyrics focus on a religious repertoire including songs praising Prophet Muhammad. The Abu Shaar brothers currently reside in Egypt, where they hold many concerts.

Luxor African Film Festival

Focusing on the cinematic gems from the African continent, the festival kicks off on 9th February and runs through 15 February in the historic Egyptian city of Luxor. The festival is the brainchild of Egyptian screenwriter and actor Sayed Fouad – currently serving as its president – and Egyptian actress and film director Azza El Hosseiny.

Hamza Namira – concert
This will be held on Friday 9th February at 8 pm at Zed Park, Sheikh Zayed. Zed entrance Gates open at 2 pm, concert gates open starting at 4 pm. The concert will mark Hamza Namira’s release of his latest album Raye’ (Cool). Namira began releasing the songs from his 13-track album online in July 2023. Some of the compositions include titles such as the title song Raye’’, Ghoroub (Sunset), Iskandareya (Alexandria), and Reyah Al-Haya (Winds of Life).  Namira, born in 1980, is a popular musician in the Arab world whose musical journey started during his teenage years when he began playing guitar, keyboard, and oud. Namira’s unique style that meanders across genres such as light rock, jazz, Latin music, and above all Arab music has made him more accessible to Western audiences, and the subject of a dedicated fan base.

El Dor El Awal – concert
This will be held on Friday 9th February at 8 pm at the El-Sawy Culture Wheel, Wisdom Hall, 26th of July Street, Zamalek, Cairo. Founded in 2003, El Dor El Awal’s line-up, which consists of six musicians, is a melting pot of cultural and musical backgrounds who express their creativity through tunes that carry a strong rock base (bass, drums, electric guitar) topped with instruments such as the violin, the saxophone, or the flute.

Emel Mathlouthi – concert
This will be held on Friday 9th February at 8 pm at Kundalini, a venue located at the feet of the Grand Pyramid and the venue does not allow entry to persons under 18 years. Singer Emel Mathlouthi is a Tunisian-American singer-songwriter, musician, arranger and producer. She rose to fame with her protest song Kelmti Horra, which became an anthem for the Tunisian Revolution and the Arab Spring.  To date she released a few albums including Kelmti Horra (2012), Ensen (2017), Ensenity (Remix Album, 2018), Everywhere We Looked Was Burning (2019), and The Tunis Diaries (2020).

Accordionella and Reem Ezzeldin – concert
This will be held on Monday, 12th February at 9 pm (doors open at 8.30 pm) at Room Art Space – New Cairo. Trio Accordionella and singer Reem Ezzeldin join hands in their first-ever collaboration. Accordionella’s line-up consists of Rafiq Gamal on accordion, guitarist Daniel Joseph, and drummer Ahmed Adel. Since 2020, they have performed in numerous venues across Egypt attracting audiences to their unique and at times highly energetic arrangements of well-known hits. Reem has performed since an early age, including her collaboration with Mohsen Farouk, followed by Ayamna Helwa for over a decade. In 2013, she formed her band with which she gave several concerts in Cairo. She now joins Accordionella in an evening filled with a lot of emotions, and well-known songs. 

Ritmo Band – concert
This will be held on Tuesday, 13th February, at 9 pm (doors open at 8.30 pm) at the Room Art Space – New Cairo. Ritmo’s band consists of girls performing well-known covers. The line-up includes Myrna Shalaby (main vocal), Ghadeer El-Gamal (keyboard), Nour Ahmed (guitar), Hadeer El-Gamal (tabla) and Mimi Ayad (drums).

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