Eco-Friendly Fashion Takes Spotlight At Dakar Fashion Week.


Dakar Fashion Week 21st edition showcased a significant focus on sustainable fashion, featuring a diverse array of designers from Senegal and the surrounding region. Adama Paris, also known as Adama Amanda Ndiaye, the Senegalese fashion designer and founder of Dakar Fashion Week, emphasized the event’s commitment to sustainability.


Paris expressed her pride in supporting designers dedicated to creating sustainable and recycled fashion. Notably, these eco-conscious designers formed a collective that actively participated in the main fashion show. Adama Paris highlighted the event’s ongoing commitment to innovation, featuring designers from various countries, including Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, and Congo.


Speaking about the significance of Dakar Fashion Week, Adama Paris underscored its role as a platform for promoting and celebrating African creativity in fashion. She emphasized the importance of supporting emerging talent and urged major designers to contribute to the growth, success, and international visibility of these rising stars.


Dakar Fashion Week, according to Adama Paris, has evolved into a must-attend event for fashion enthusiasts globally. She expressed her satisfaction with the event’s diversity and shared her pride in witnessing its growth over the years. Adama Paris notably refrains from imposing specific themes on designers, allowing them the freedom to express their creativity.


Massamba Ndiongue, a Senegalese designer, praised Adama Paris for spotlighting young Senegalese designers who may not have had the opportunity to gain recognition. Adama Paris, in her approach, emphasizes that all designers possess great talent, but some may lack the exposure needed to showcase their creativity to a broader audience.


Amidst challenges like irregular migration, unemployment, and a lack of jobs in the country, Adama Paris called on young people to embrace entrepreneurship. She stressed the importance of empowering African fashion designers and preserving artisanal traditions. Adama Paris believes that “Dakar Fashion Week” serves not only as a platform for designers but also for artisans and shoemakers.


In conclusion, Dakar Fashion Week’s 21st edition stood out for its dedication to sustainable fashion and its role in fostering and promoting African creativity. Adama Paris, as the driving force behind the event, continues to champion innovation, diversity, and the empowerment of emerging talent, underscoring the economic and cultural impact of the fashion industry in Africa. The event’s evolution into a global fashion destination reflects its significance in shaping the narrative of African fashion on the international stage.

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