• The total cost of the plant is estimated to be 150 million US dollars.

The first waste-to-energy plant built with German technology would cost US$150 million, according to an announcement made by Egypt’s environment minister Yasmine Fouad. The first plant in Egypt to turn garbage into electricity will be in the Giza Governorate, she said, and six other sites have finished their procedures.

The minister also mentioned projects set up in rural villages in Egypt to turn dung into fertilizer and biogas as part of the Decent Living program, as well as bio-gas unit projects in Fayoum Governorate and a sizable unit implemented in Giza Zoo, where animal feces is converted into power.

Fouad noted that research to turn the waste from sizable poultry farms into energy is being prepared by the Bioenergy Foundation for Sustainable Development, which is associated with the Ministry of the Environment.

According to the minister, Egypt produces 42 million tons of agricultural waste, and a plan has been developed to deal with it.

Together with methods for handling medical waste, Fouad evaluated the ministry’s policies and initiatives for dealing with electronic waste, which has resulted in the establishment of nine plants for recycling electronic garbage.

Last December, the North African country also sought to localize green industries as a result of the outputs and gains of the climate summit that was held in Egypt. It suggested the implementation of an integrated program to convert waste into electric energy, including the waste-to-electricity plant project in Abu Rawash. 

According to Dr. Yasmine, the project Abu Rawash was carried out in association with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Local Development, Ministry of Electricity, and Ministry of Military Production, which is being established on an area of almost 12 acres in Giza Governorate.

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