• Egypt’s first edition of the Cairo Food Summit to take place on 27 February.

  • Aims of the Cairo Food Summit.

  • Secretary-General remarks on the Summit.

The Egyptian government has announced that the first edition of the Cairo Food Summit is to take place on 27th February under the supervision of Egypt’s Ministers of Supply and Internal Trade, International Cooperation, Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and Trade and Industry.

The summit represents the government’s dedication to supporting the growth of the agricultural and food industries, under the direction of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in order to strengthen the country’s quest for self-sufficiency and spur GDP growth.

 It will be held under the theme ‘Food Today & Tomorrow as it will help major stakeholders from different sectors to partner and relate and also work together in achieving the sustainable development strategy of Egypt vision 2030.

The business sector is actively participating in this endeavor and investing significant effort in achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030 goals.

The ministers of supply and internal trade, international cooperation, agriculture, and land reclamation, as well as the ambassadors of the European Union and Italy, will provide opening remarks at the summit.

In order to address the future of the food business and look into strategies to achieve food security and sustainable economic growth, the summit will bring together subject matter experts from all sectors, including ministers, government officials, and influential thought leaders.

 Three specialized panels will be presented, including one on “Investing in Agricultural Efficiency & Sustainability,” another on “Egyptian Exports’ Outlook and Growth Potentials,” and the third on “Food Industry as Catalyst for Economic Development.”

These in-depth discussions will provide insight into Egypt’s key economic sector and present a strategy for addressing its problems and seizing its prospects. The summit will create possibilities and solutions to help the food sector expand in line with the country’s aims of reducing inflation in order to meet the outlined vision in 2030.

In his remarks, Alaa Ezz, Secretary-General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Secretary-General of the first Cairo Food Summit, discussed the importance of the private sector in expanding Egypt’s agricultural and food industries sector, which is a key pillar of the country’s economy.

The Secretary-General said that the corporate sector and the government are collaborating to increase Egyptian exports to the $100 billion mark annually, which is an objective that cannot be reached without a coordinated, strategic collaborative approach. 

A yearly forum created to foster an open discussion between the public and private sectors is urgently needed, he continued.

This will provide a comprehensive assessment of the agricultural and food industries, thus promoting constructive and tangible improvements. Business bodies, such as industrial federations, associations, and councils, enthusiastically endorse the progressive agenda the government set, which is now being realized in partnership with the private sector.”

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