EU Okays $88million in Support of Projects in Liberia.


On Monday, June 5, the Liberian government and the European Union (EU) agreed a US$88 million package to assist projects as both sides start a new phase of cooperation.

At the ceremony, which took place at the EU Delegation headquarters in Mamba Point, Minister of Finance and Development Planning Samuel D. Tweah signed on behalf of the Liberian government, while Ambassador Laurent Delahousse, Head of the EU Delegation to Liberia, signed on behalf of the EU.

The signing took held as part of the 50th anniversary of relations between the EU and Liberia. The European Union’s Delegation to the Republic of Liberia was the Commission of the European Economic Community’s first location in Liberia when it opened its doors in 1973. 

A total of 191 million euros or 220 million US dollars have been set aside for the new phase of the EU-Liberia development cooperation, which runs from 2021 to 2025.

Four programs have been identified for support under the new phase of the EU-Liberia collaboration, including enhancing Liberia’s inclusive and accountable democracy (estimated to cost US$16,5 million).

This partnership’s component is to advance an inclusive and open democratic system in Liberia. By enabling meaningful engagement of women and the inclusion of marginalized groups in political processes, it will support the electoral cycle, maintain peace, and boost public involvement in and accountability for decisions. The National Elections Commission and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will work together to implement the program.

The program also included support for TVET (about US$31 million), help for agriculture (US$24 million) to increase food production, and support for forestry and conservation (US$16.5 million) to promote sustainable economic growth. Through the responsible use and conservation of natural resources, such as agroforestry, fuelwood plantations, multipurpose tree nurseries, and the formalization of chainsaw millers, this program seeks to support the establishment of jobs and sources of income.


“The four new programs we are signing today kick off a new phase of EU support from 2021 to 2025. There are additional four programs that will be signed next year with the EU-Liberia partnership.” Amb. Delahousse added.

Minister of Finance and Development Planning Tweah praised the 50 years of cooperation with the EU, claiming that it has not been a waste and that their influence is vehemently positive on growth and development in support of this government’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Peace and Prosperity.

Minister Tweah stated that Liberia’s difficulty is turning promise into reality and that Liberia continues to move swiftly in addressing those issues that must be properly emphasized. “We are to maximize the opportunity that exists in this area of the partnership to deliver better for the Liberian people.” Tweah said.

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