Gambia Passport Now Number 77, Earns Visa-Free to 69 Countries.


The yearly Henley Passport Index Infographic global ranking which was released on Tuesday, 10th of January has ranked The Gambia passport to number 77 in the world with visa-free entrance to 69 countries. This movement of The Gambia passport ranking was from the previous 81st position as of the year 2022. 



The Henley Passport Index Q1 2023 global ranking report has pointed out that the stipulated number of visa-free countries for the Gambia passport holders are countries they can enter without a visa, by a visa on arrival or the eTA. 



The Henley passport index report entails informations of all countries from which The Gambia travel information 2023 which includes the Gambia visa-free countries for Gambia passport holders, alongside various countries that can be entered through an eTA or a visa-on-arrival as well as countries that will require the Gambia passport holders to get a physical or online visa to go in. 



Henley & Partners research team are the enhancers of The Henley Passport Index which is an authoritative ranking of all the passports in the world following the number of destinations holders of these passports can enter without a visa.  Exclusive data are obtained from the International Air Transport Association (IATA),  which is the most accurate and largest database for international travel.  



Visa-free access of 199 different passports to 227 travel destinations are being compared by the Henley Passport Index. A score with the value = 1 is created for a given country passport if no visa is required to access another country.  This also applies to countries you can access with an electronic travel authority eTA, visa on arrival, or visitor permit.



Moreso, a score with value = 0 is given to a country passport if you have to obtain a government approved electronic visa (e-visa) before gaining access to a given country.

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