A young, creative Nigerian, Jerry Isaac Mallo manufactured Nigerian and West Africa’s first luxury sports car.

The 28-year old is a fabrication engineer and CEO of Bennie Technologies Ltd who began making toy cars with trash from childhood. At the age of 18, as a secondary student, he is said to have built his first life-size car out of trash.

Jerry Mallo hails from Plateau state, Nigeria, and is a graduate of Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire, UK on scholarship.  He had his primary and secondary education in Plateau and finished as an art student.

However, during his studies in the UK, he cut it short and returned to Nigeria to start manufacturing cars, as he confirmed at the time that Africa is blessed with a great amount of raw materials required for the production of cars.

In November 2019, the innovative engineer revealed the Bennie Purrie, Nigeria’s first luxury sports car, which was manufactured with carbon fibre to provide it with a robust safety quality.

The Bennie Purrie Sports Car is built with a great cooling system, which has four radiators to enable continuous cooling inside the car regardless of the temperature. This first model has a speed of 0 to 120 in 12 seconds and also a 2.0 litre engine that produces about 130 horsepower.

The sports car has the advantage of breaking like glass or bottles in case of a car crash because it is made of fibres and has airbags that secures the individual inside. It is also made with tubular chassis to enable it to withstand the Nigerian roads.

Aside from being a manufacturer of automotive products, Jerry Mallo is the producer of Nigeria’s first-made ventilator, and also owns a company that makes agricultural machines.

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