Kenya Power Implements Cost-Effective Electricity Billing for Residents


Kenya Power has recently declared a substantial 13.7 percent decrease in electricity charges, beginning this month, offering a welcomed respite to consumers nationwide.


The significant reduction is mainly credited to two pivotal factors: the Kenyan shilling’s robust performance against the American dollar and a marked decrease in fuel prices.

The decline in electricity expenses is predominantly influenced by a notable decrease in both the fuel cost charge and the foreign exchange fluctuation adjustment, crucial constituents of the total electricity invoice. Specifically, during March and April 2024, these variable elements saw a substantial decrease of 37.3 percent, signifying a noteworthy enhancement in affordability for consumers.

As an example, the fuel cost charge, previously at Sh4.64 in March 2024, has now decreased to Sh3.26 in April 2024, marking a substantial decline from its peak of Sh4.93 in January 2024. Likewise, the forex adjustment charge has experienced a significant decrease from Sh3.68 in March 2024 to Sh1.96 in April 2024, down from its highest level of Sh6.85 in January 2024.

Moreover, customers categorized under the Domestic Customer 3 (DC3) tariff bracket, who consume over 100 units per month, will witness a decrease from Sh4,127 in March 2024 to Sh3,728 in April 2024, benefiting from a significant 9.7 percent reduction in their electricity charges.

In general, the considerable decrease in electricity expenses brings favorable tidings for Kenyan consumers, providing essential relief amidst ongoing economic adversities.

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