Kenya’s President William Ruto Lifts Logging Ban. 


A man cuts a tree inside Mt Kenya Forest on January 16, 2018.
Credit: Nation.Africa



Kenya’s President William Ruto has declared an end to a six-year-long logging ban in Kenya.



Ruto acknowledged the need for job creation and increased economic activity that relies on forest products.



In defense of his decision, the president highlighted the detrimental implications of the prohibition, calling it “foolish” during a speech he gave on Sunday in Molo, Rift Valley region.



Mr Ruto made his position clear, stating that the existing forest was decaying all while timber was in demand. “Do you see the foolishness?” he asked.



Additionally, the president suggested that there should be taxes imposed on imported timber as well as furniture, in an effort to promote domestic production.



When the logging ban was imposed in 2018, many of its residents who depended on logging for their living were adversely impacted.



However, the termination of the ban not only brings reprieve to some areas, but also coincides with the government’s plan of planting 15 billion trees over 10 years, with the intention to increase the country’s tree cover.


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