King Mswati III Opens Trade Fair, Encourages Increase in Trade between Zambia, Eswatini.


King Mswati the third of Eswatini just officially opened this year’s International Trade Fair, during which he made a call for Zambia and Eswatini to improve trade with each other.

King Mswati said trade between the two countries remains insignificant and has called for closer trade collaboration to boost business.

The Eswatini leader said Zambia’s International Trade Fair is an opportunity to work together and enhance bilateral trade and provide a better environment for trade.

He said the trade has been growing at four percent and hoped the visit will help the two countries improve in this area.

The King called for partnership in agriculture, tourism, and cooperation on defense and security and hoped the initiative will soon be realized between the two countries.

King Mswati said his country is hosting its international trade fair in September this year and invited Zambian companies to exhibit in that country to increase trade between the two.

The King has also thanked the country for managing to negotiate for debt relief which is affecting many African countries and that Zambia will be an example.

And President Hakainde Hichilema called for the maintenance of peace as the basis for achieving economic stability, promoting trade, and investment.

Mr. Hichilema called for trade partnerships to provide better opportunities for the country and the people of Eswatini to share investment opportunities.

The President said bringing together the raw materials that God has given the country will help to create opportunities for economic development.

He said the coming of King Mswati, the third to open this year’s international trade fair will help to share information and trade on what the two countries produce to enhance cooperation.

Mr. Hichilema has also called for the modernization of the international Trade fair and urged trade fair management to utilize the facility and avoid it being a one-day affair but be able to create wealth throughout the year.

The 2023 International Trade Fair is being held under the theme “STIMULATING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PARTNERSHIPS, TRADE, AND INVESTMENT”

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