Lesotho: Ministry of Education and Training celebrates Best Performers.


The Ministry of Education and Training hosted a grand prize-giving ceremony to honor the outstanding winners of the Eskom Expo for Young Scientist International Science Fair and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Essay Writing Competition.

In the Eskom Expo for Young Scientist International Science Fair, all participating students received Bronze medals for their remarkable projects. The room resonated.

When presenting the prices, the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Training, Mr. Ratšiu Majara commended the students for their dedication to the fields of science and essay writing. He encouraged them never to stop reaching for the stars and to keep striving for excellence in their academic pursuits.

Mr. Majara said it is important that the learners know more about their region’s economic growth, noting that the National Strategic Development Plan  II (NSDP II) supports the enhancement of inclusive and sustainable economic growth through curricula that cater to all learners.

He said the Ministry of Education and Training recognized the existence of the Lesotho Science and Mathematics Teachers Association (LSMTA) since it is one of the associations established to complement the ministry to promote the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics, hence the reasons for fully supporting LSMTA, adding that he appreciates the support that the Department of Science and Technology has been giving LSMTA.

However, Mr. Majara said he hopes that the SADC essay writing competition broadens the learner’s knowledge of the role and activities of SADC, saying it should be through this competition that the youth as future leaders are given a platform to come up with innovations and solutions.

The first-place winner was awarded a prize of 500 US dollars, a substantial reward for their hard work. The second-place winner, not far behind, received 300 US dollars and the third-place winner was also presented with 200 US dollars.

The prize money was a token of appreciation and an encouragement for these bright minds to continue their academic journey with enthusiasm and determination.

Also speaking, on behalf of the Director of the Department of Science and Technology,  Mr. Sello Sello spoke about the importance of nurturing scientific talent and encouraging students to explore the realms of knowledge, emphasizing the significance of the subjects celebrated on this day.

Mr. Sello noted that their Department will continue to support such innovations, urging all students across the country to grab such opportunities which will foster their creativity.

The event was not only a celebration of academic excellence but also a reminder of the importance of fostering a love for science and technology among the youth.

It served as a motivation for the students to continue their educational journeys with renewed enthusiasm, and for the Ministry of Education and Training, it was a testament to their commitment to promoting education and celebrating the achievements of the future leaders of the nation.

The 2024 SADC essay competition topic is ‘How can Human and financial capital drive industrial development in the SADC region.’

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