• 10,128 new high school students to receive education grants.
  • World Bank is financially supporting the ministry 
  • About 26,000 students have been assisted by this program.


An adage has been hammered into our heads that education is the key. Unfortunately, some people are not privileged enough to reach for this key without assistance.


The Minister of Gender, Youth, Sports, Arts, Culture, and Social Development, Mr. Pitso Lesaoana said that 10,128 new high school students will receive educational grants from the ministry.


He mentioned that the total number of successful applications from nine districts is 10,128, noting that Maseru is excluded as it has not finished reviewing the applications.


The announcement was made during the press conference held at the Department of Social Development on Monday when he was addressing the media. 


He further stated that the number of students that are to be assisted by the department has increased, adding that in the previous years, the department has not assisted more than 30,000 but this year, the number will be exceeded. Moreover, the World Bank is financially supporting the ministry to reach and help children who need educational assistance so they can complete their high school. 


The application of this grant is open for students who want to start high school, it is a five-year grant that is eligible to Basotho aged 17 and below. The minister talked about how the program serves the mandate of the department thus ensuring that every Mosotho child gets access to education, improving their lives.


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