I remember the look on our faces when we heard of your coming.

Your dad was the happiest of them all

He drew me into his arms and looked into my eyes.

I could hear his words through his eyes

O how we wanted you to be a part of our tight knit family

To hear you say your first words

To see you take your first step

Everyone awaited your arrival

My heart is heavy, breasts heavy with milk with no you to suckle

Your dad and I did all we could to fight

And I know that you fought also

You even a better fighter than me

All I did was to push you out to the world to live

And all you met were needles piercing your skin

O what a pain you must have felt

I wished I could have borne this pain for you

To let you leave with no pain

I couldn’t even see your eyes

Not knowing if its brown or dark

If you carried my eyes or dad’s eyes

You didn’t even see the world that I borne you into

And here I am left alone, arms empty with no you in it

Going through pains of wasting milk meant to suckle you to health

Your dad always near and not far from you.

The cold floor was his companion as he couldn’t bear to leave you alone

I want you to know we both fought to keep you alive

You won’t be forgotten love

Though your stay was brief, you made me a mother and your dad a father

Thank you little one

We will always love you



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